The Advertising Agencies Association of Trinidad & Tobago | Awards 2019
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Creative Awards 2019


The Awards are open to all practitioners of commercial advertising and communications operating in any jurisdiction or jurisdictions.


The Awards are aimed at recognizing legitimate commercial work done on behalf of clients, oneself in the case of self-promotion or in the public interest (paid for or pro bono) in the case of public service. The Awards do not intend to reward work outside of the normal course of business created simply for the purpose of winning an award.


Judging is based on three (3) criteria:

  1. Strategy (insight)
  2. Idea (originality)
  3. Execution (craft/design)


Upon clicking on the image below, you will be directed to the competition site where you have to register for a free account by following the simple instructions. When you login with your account, a Dashboard will guide you to submit entries, edit and make online payment(s).


ALL entries must be submitted/uploaded by midnight, Saturday 30 November 2019.


Please email for any queries or problems with submissions/website.