Guide to Careers in Advertising

Be all you can be – Advertise

Welcome to one of the most exciting fields of work on the planet!

What makes advertising so dynamic and interesting is that it’s the industry that combines more expertise from different disciplines than in any other field of work. Art, design, HR, sales, marketing, research, civics, social sciences, public relations, broadcasting, film, video, audio production, events planning, printing, new media, fashion, accounting, media planning and a number of other occupational fields find their way under one umbrella in the advertising arena.

Exploring the prospects for employment in the field of advertising can be as exciting as working in it. In fact, many agencies welcome interns and offer short-term or vacation jobs to students and graduates and are also open to visits and field trips from students.

Good luck in your future career, whatever path you choose.

Career Qualifications - A passion for excellence, oral and writing competence

(English and additional languages a plus), complete CXC, ‘A’ Level/CAPE certificates and basic computer literacy. Certain posts require specific certification (eg. Accounting). People skills and general human interest, good telephone etiquette, a willingness to work long hours and perform under stress/deadlines.

The ability to negotiate and/or sell ideas.


Account Services Department

Account Directors

Account Executives

Account Coordinators


One or a mix of qualifications in Marketing, Communications and Business Administration.

Experience in client service, strategic consultancy and project management (inclusive of budgeting), regional exposure is also a plus. Results oriented, good presentation, oral language and written language skills. Good negotiating, time management and people skills, team spirit and functional independence desired. A proactive, thorough and growth-oriented approach.


PR/Events Executives

One or a mix of qualifications in Marketing, Communications and Business Administration as well as a certificate in Events Management. Developed interpersonal skills are an absolute requirement.

Career Qualifications - Art Studio

Traffic (work-flow) Coordinators

Background in accounts and finance. Highly developed organizational skills, with a mature approach and accountability for deadlines.



General requirements apply. In addition to an affection for words, the ability to come up with engaging ideas and concepts. Must be able to grasp the relationship between words and design, sound effects, video, etc.

Advice: create a portfolio.


Graphic Designers

Education and certification from an Approved School of Design, that entails advertising and design communications, design theory and practice.

Schools include: John Donaldson, COSTAATT, UWI Design Programme.

Career Qualifications - Production Department

Electronic video and audio producers

Degree or diploma in Mass Communications from a recognised university.

Highly organised and able to multi-task.

Ability to oversee the several stages related to radio and television productions: including pre-production (planning), production and post production.

Ability to direct voice talent and/or models for commercials. Prepares production estimates for radio and television. Ensures that productions are completed within time and budget.


Digital Production

Training and or experience in digital production, including the deployment and maintenance of websites and online promotions. Must possess working knowledge of new media, design and animation. Skills in one or more of the following would be an asset: HTML coding, Java script, Action script, PHP, and database development.

Career Qualifications - Media Department

Media Buyers

General requirements apply. Ability to grasp how media works independently and in tandem.

Ability to negotiate and interpret research, accurate management of figures and budgets, invoicing.

Training in the social sciences desirable.

Career Qualifications - Accounts Department

Accounts Clerks

Principles of Accounts or Principles of Business, Math and English. Ability to reason and comprehend fundamental accounting terms and their applications to the industry in which one works.

Career Qualifications - Administrative Department

Office Administrators/Secretaries

General requirements apply. Provides administrative support to Administrative Manager and Directors. Duties include general clerical, receptionist relief and project-based work. Projects a professional Company image in person and in telephone interaction.



General requirements apply. Responsible for manning the main reception area which includes receiving guests and visitors. Operates a telephone switchboard and answers routine enquiries concerning non-technical matters over the telephone and at he reception desk.



Operation and care of a light motor vehicle for transporting persons and materials and performs messenger services for the organization.