Industry Advertising Standards are being updated and you can comment on it!

The Bureau of Standards  through consultation with relevant interest groups invites public comments on all draft standards before they are declared as Trinidad and Tobago Standards in accordance with the provisions of the Standards Act.

The need for the revision of current Advertising standards was identified by major stakeholders in the advertising industry (inclusive of media, publishing and advertising associations) due to changes in digital technology which has resulted in the continuing increase of mobile and internet advertising, entertaining or viral and political advertising.

This proliferation of advertising has resulted in challenges to the advertising industry to maintain fair, responsible and honest relationships with consumers whilst effectively communicating various brands, ideas and information. The purpose of this standard is to address these challenges by establishing minimum requirements for the content of advertisements.

This standard addresses over thirty (30) issues some of which relate to promotions and competitions, the protection and privacy of individuals, defamatory references and political advertising. Over the next few months we will break down each of the issues and explain how they relate to you as a consumer and as a collegue in the industry.

Read Trinidad and Tobago Standard: Advertising Part 1 (3rd Revision)  for more information.


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